Final Dash To YSCB @YSSY-110200ZOCT17[closed]

Server: Expert

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY-YSCB

Time: 0200Z

NOTAM: Use Qantas dash 8 start in YSSY then fly to YSCB

This event is to say goodbye to this popular route as soon new routes will be available. This is my most flown route and I know many this is many Aussies/Kiwis favourite route.


You can choose flight plan for yourselves :)

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Would be nice if you included more context into your post, maybe a flightplan for us to follow? Pictures? Makes the event look more presentable for people who would like to participate.
Great example of a properly formatted and presentable event:


Maybe add a Picture? Like a Qantas link Dash 8 would even work make it so it pops!

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I’ll join you, what gate?

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Gate 10 I’m at the 11

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Altitude and speed for cruise?

270 knots 16,000 feet

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Ok I’ll be there in a sec

Im at Gate 9 right now

i’m at gate 10 right now

I’m at gate 8 right now.

anyone have a flight plan?

Sorry going to do that flight tomorrow, when global is out.😅

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