[Final Call!] Let's Fly Group-Flight #1: KEWR-VABB: @KEWR - 080130ZMAY20

Let’s Fly Group-Flight #1: KEWR-VABB: @KEWR - 080130ZMAY20

  • Aircraft and Livery: United A359 OR United B777-200ER

  • Route: KEWR-VABB

  • Time of Departure: 2020-05-08T01:30:00Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: Let me know if you’re joining. I will add you to a PM where you can copy the FPL & obtain logistics. VABB is scheduled to have IFATC when we arrive, however, this is not finalized.

Start spawning in now if you’re attending! We’ll use Terminal C gates.

Final Call!

I am behind you


We’re flying up to FL350. Please make ensure 10 NM of spacing.
Fly at M 0.85.

Okay I will

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Actually, please slow down to M0.84. Thank you. I’ll contact you for approach to VABB, as I think this will be enough information needed.

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Thank you, I will stay on 0.84

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