[Final Call] 30SEP20 / 0000Z - From The Emerald City To The Triple D @YSSY-KDFW

From The Emerald City To The Triple D @YSSY-KDFW


Credit: Eluveitie

  • Aircraft and Livery: Qantas A380-800, 787-9

  • Route: YSSY-KDFW

  • Time of Departure: 2020-09-30T00:00:00Z.

  • Server: Expert

  • Flight Time: 16 Hours 30 Minutes

  • Additional Information: Please join me in my final series of group-flights before I leave the IFC. With Dallas being featured tomorrow, what’s a better option than flying the mega A388 across the Pacific?

If you’re attending, please let me know below! Hope to see you there :)
All information and gate assignments will done in a PM. For now, I’ll only put your name here as a list to account everyone joining:

Name of Attendees


What time is that in Zulu and can I fly the 787

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Sign me up :)

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@A320_Flyerboy19, time in Zulu is 0000Z. You are more than welcome to fly the 787!
@Captain-787, great! I can’t assign gates here, so I’ll do it in PMs & give you all the information :)

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Better use D16X on arrival 😉


Will make sure to do so :)

Final Call right now if you want to join!

Ran use the only A380 gate at KDFW lol

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Have fun!!

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