Final Approach Speeds for Aircraft

This is a handy guide for landing planes in IF.
A318-100: 121kn
A319-100: 126kn
A320-200: 133kn
A321-200: max. weight 142kn, normal 137kn
A330-300: 137kn
A330-200F: 138kn
A340-600: max. weight 146kn, normal 142kn
A350-900: max. weight 140kn, normal 138kn
A380-800: 138kn

B717-200: 139kn
B737-700: max. weight 144kn, normal 138kn
B737-800: max. weight 149kn, normal 145kn
B737-900: max. weight 154kn, normal 147kn
B747-200: 152kn
B747-400: 153kn
B747-8: 161kn
B757-200: max. weight 144kn, normal 137kn
B767-300: max. weight 150kn, normal 136kn
B777-200: 157kn
B777-200LR: 160kn
B777-300ER: 163kn
B777F: 166kn
B787-8: 151kn
B787-9: 156kn
B787-10: 161kn

E170: 125kn
E175: 128kn
E190: 131kn
E195: 134kn

CRJ 200: 132kn
CRJ 700: 135kn
CRJ 900: 138kn
CRJ 1000: 140kn
DH8D: flaps 15 124kn, flaps 35 117kn

C172: flaps 40 58kn, flaps 20 66kn
C208: heavy 72kn, normal 66kn
CJ7: 129kn

TBM930: heavy 91kn, normal 84kn

XCub: heavy 52kn, normal 45kn

DC10: 160kn
DC10F: 163kn
MD11: 166kn
MD11F: 170kn

*All speeds are according to full flaps and MLW unless specified.
*Winds are not accounted for.

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