Final approach pitch

Whenever I set my flaps to full and put my gears down on final approach, the plane would pitch up uncontrollably.
Why is this? Is there a way to fix it?


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This is due to the drag created by the flaps. Whenever a batch of flaps is deployed, the specific amount of drag and lift is created, because it causes the air to bounce off the flaps. This is totally normal. Next time, I suggest deploying flaps one by one, not all at once.

Additionally, you can try decreasing your speed and V/S to decrease the positive pitch being made.
Here’s a nice graphic that could help you out:



Ohhh right, thanks! Lets see if I can do a perfect approach next time.

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When do you begin putting out your flaps?

This is a kind of general question, but it can help in doing a good approach.

You’re not going to get it exactly perfect the very first try. Practice, practice, practice, until you have it down and burned into your brain.

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I start setting the the flaps when I enter the ILS marking on the map. Not full though, I do that when I think I’m close enough to lower the gears.

I have never seen a plane use 90 degrees flaps before 😇

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You put flaps depending on speed. To keep a normal pitch and to not stall.

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This is just an example on the angles and how much drag/lift they create. It wasn’t based on any specific aircraft.


Yeah fair enough

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@anon24319801 True and good explanation, but to add on to that, the nose-up attitude is caused by that increased drag you explained. It counteracts the loss of speed and therefore loss of lift by holding the wings upwards to generate more lift.

Not quite - a flaperon is found only on some aircraft and is only a small section of the tailing edge of the wing that acts as both an aileron and flap. Normal flaps act just as flaps and don’t affect roll.


Ah yes, good point. I’ll change that, I meant the initial flap piece. Thanks for letting me know.

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