Final Approach KJFK

Hi all, last night I went airborne from EGLL - KJFK approx 6hr30 and when it came to my landing from about 3/4 NM from touch down right up until less than 1NM I experienced severe game freezing that could have truly messed up my landing and could’ve resulted in a violation or in me crashing if I veered off into the taxiway at high speed or due to aircraft dropping, luckily I was able to hold my phone still and land safely but the outcome could’ve be very different, I know their has just been a hot fix to fix issues like this one however is their something else that can be done to resolve this issue?

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Jason (JM192G)

Hey, for the time being there is nothing your can do. You can go to settings > airplane count > low and see if that helps. Apart from that you just need to wait! Sorry

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That’s okay thanks for your response I appreciate it I’ll try that and see how I go thanks 😁

What device do you use? What are your graphics settings?

I’ve experienced this before as well, when using my iPad Air 2. Though since using my iPhone 8 Plus this issue has disappeared. If you are using an iPhone 6s and backwards, or an iPad from pre 2015, you’re probably likely to continue to see issues like this. The hardware is ageing as Infinite flight gets more sophisticated. I obviously can’t speak for Android, if that’s the platform you’re on.

In the meantime, perhaps lower your graphical settings and the airplane count, as suggested above.

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I’m on an IPhone 6s however I’ve never experienced any of these issues at all until the 20.1 update.

The release of 20.1 has caused a huge influx of pilots desperate to fly. 20.1 is also packed with new features! Therefore, older devices that previously had no problems might start to experience difficulties. I would recommend that you turn down you airplane count, as it is a huge cause for crashes and general lag. Keep graphics lower as well. Hope this helped :)

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