Final Approach Into SPZO

Flight Info

United Boeing 737-900
Expert Server

Beginning of the descent into SPZO, the mountain scenery out here is amazing.

At this point, the final descent has begun and the challenge to maneuver through all of the mountains begins. SPZO has a very mountainous approach, so you better make sure you go in knowing your approach plates.

All parked up at the gate. Made it safely without any terrain issues. I highly recommend you voyage out to this airport and check out the scenery. As I said earlier, it is jaw dropping.

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Nice pics. I think I saw you on the map. Not sure though.

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First picture is de beauty ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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That scenery is just amazing, definitely flying there soon, awesome photos!

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nice pictures…

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Cuzco approach is one of the most scenic and difficult procedures to carry out. I’ve done this approach at night and it’s way harder than in the daytime

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