Final Airbus A380 wings will leave Broughton factory tomorrow

The end of an era

The moment has arrived. The moment we dread the most. The moment when the production of an aircraft comes to an end. This is exactly what’s happening here: Airbus is currently building it’s last A380 for Emirates. The final set of wings will be delivered from Broughton factory at 9:00.
How do you feel about the last A380 wing shipment leaving Broughton? Share your thoughts below 👇.


Mind putting an article or to prove this? 😀


Also, it is also just the wing.

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Ok, let’s go back to the point of this topic which is a moment that I personally see as being a historic moment. The A380 is one of my favourite aircraft and my biggest dream always was to be an A380 captain. I hope this will be possible even if the A380 production is ending.


Not to burst your bubble, but it is highly unlikely. That is due to the costs and logistics of the 380. Not really enough demand to warrant one. We also have aircraft like the 777X and A350 coming for long range routes.

How unfortunate that end of an aircrafts production is always sad

It’s the end of an era, the largest airliner to date is going out of production. It’s bittersweet for me, as I don’t like this plane, so I’m glad production is ending. But it’s also sad, because it’s one of the most known planes ever.

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It’s a really moving thing to see the production of the A380 come to an end. This aircraft is amazing in its sheer size and a great achievement in my honest opinion.

Things go on fortunately though and hence I will use this moment to be once again astonished by the sheer size of this great aircraft!

It’s kind of sad to see any aircraft go out of production, but I’m sure in the future other great aircraft will be made. Hope to see the beautiful A380 in the skies for a while even after they stop production!

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What a majestic thing… I can’t understand why it wasn’t a success.

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way too unefficient, it was very expensive for airlines to operate it


Very efficient actually - When full. Context matters.


Sad to see this bird leaving the assembly lines.

RIP A380 production line

Mid-2000s - 2020

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How can you not like the A380? At least the passenger experience? Wide cabin and windows, quiet, very smooth. Plus it has bars and opened up the door to first class bedrooms. All you could want.


I agree with @EyesSkyward here, I remember always flying on the Singapore Airlines A380 whenever I flew SIN-FRA, it was a beauty to fly on!


Never flown on one, but it does look nice on the inside of the plane. The exterior looks like a forehead. It’s also inefficient when not full, which is why I personally don’t like it. But you’re welcome to have your opinion too.

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Yay, Finally that monstrosity is out of the Air. No Offense but i hated that thing. Its a cheap and late comback to the 747. Airbus is always behind the times.

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"Behind the times?"

Thats a bit ironic if you compare the cockpits of their aircraft: