Final 747 Delivery Flight Plan

For those of you who followed along today, and want to recreate the flight - here is the flight plan for 5Y747:

SEA V120 EAT 4700N/11924W 4723N/11930W 4714N/11915W 4712N/11901W 4714N/11848W 4728N/11831W 4714N/11816W 4711N/11803W 4714N/11750W 4722N/11733W 4707N/11739W 4708N/11811W 4708N/11856W 4706N/11926W 4637N/11918W 4638N/11909W 4657N/11856W 4657N/11913W 4701N/11913W 4701N/11849W 4637N/11904W 4638N/11831W 4657N/11831W 4645N/11841W 4645N/11831W 4643N/11831W 4643N/11849W 4701N/11834W 4701N/11827W 4638N/11826W 4638N/11813W 4657N/11800W 4657N/11816W 4701N/11816W 4701N/11753W 4637N/11807W 4637N/11749W 4707N/11739W 4713N/11737W HLN DPR MCW JOT KCVG


How do i paste this into a flight plan

copy paste

It wont let me

how do you create such custom flghtplans?

maybe they downloaded the kml file and used this

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Copied it straight from FlightAware! Had to tweak the formatting just a bit, but then it was good to go.

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oh great! thanks!

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Thanks a lot! needed this one!


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