Fin number

I am planning a flight on simbrief, and it had a box called fin number. What and where is the fin number on an aircraft?

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Registration of the aircraft (Ex. N123AA

I believe it should say Airplane reg. Tho

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Fin numbers are located are the numbers located on the tail of the fin

the numbers circled here are the Fin numbers
what they mean?

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ahh i see thanks

Whoops my bad thought you were asking for tail registration

@Yazad, @ILOVE7879-2.0 just mentioned what one is above ^^^

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cool ill delete the comment with the mod in it

@ILOVE7879-2.0 and @CPT_Colorado Check this out…

Every aircraft around the world has a unique registration – similar to a licence plate – that consists of letters and/or numbers. The Fin Number is used by airlines to differentiate their fleet. Air Canada inscribes a three-digit Fin Number on the vertical tail – also known as the fin – of the aircraft. (Some airlines use four digits.) The first number denotes the aircraft type, while the second and third indicate delivery date and aircraft model differences. Air Canada’s Boeing 767s start with a β€œ6,” whereas the Airbus A330s use β€œ9.”

Source: What is a Fin Number? - Air Canada enRoute

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