FIMP - EGLL Full flight images

Today I done Mauritius to London Heathrow in a British Airways B777-200ER.

Callsign: Speedbird 132 Heavy
Flightime: 11 hours 11 minutes
Departure runway: Runway 14 - FIMP
Landing runway: Runway 27L - EGLL

I decided to do this route since I like the route how we fly over all different parts of the world such as Europe and Africa.
We climbed to an initial 35000 feet and held that throughout the entirety of the flight.

I was on the training server.
Hope you like the photos:)
Taxiing got runway 14.


Cruising over Africa and the Swiss Alps.

Descending over France, English Channel and England.
Touchdown and taxi to gate.


Nice route ! I should to try that one day

I especially like the last photo of you touching down into Heathrow


It’s a 12’ish hour long flight, mine only took 11 hours 11 minutes since traffic at Heathrow was light, and at Mauritius it’s never normally busy.

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Yeah, flight times sometimes vary according to the amount of traffic and winds

Perhaps you had some tailwinds on the way which sped up your flight a little

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I’m about to do the return leg of the flight, if you’re interested DM me on discord, send me a FR first or just tell me here, Blink#0477

Well when I say about I will start at like 11pm-1am so a night flight.

Sorry I’m not gonna be able to, enjoy the flight though !

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