Filters for Screenshots

Hey Everyone,

I love taking screenshots of flights and all, but when I look at some screenshots in #screenshots-and-videos I see that there is some filter applied to make it look stunning, I’d like to know if anyone knows a filter that would go good with different times or how to improve on taking screenshots?

Hey! Welcome to our community! This community is very welcoming to newcomers, but the filters that are applied are either photoshopped or edited photos.

You can download “PS express” onto your phone and you can edit your photos.

Alternatively you could use Instagram’s editing software and download your image.
PS express is the better choice but if you’re lacking the storage and have Instagram. That’ll be an better option. You just got to edit to what you feel. You can’t really say what filters to add as a different picture might not suit that filter.
Hope this helps :)


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