Filters and more - LiveFlight for iOS update out now!

Hey guys!

It’s about time for a new LiveFlight for iOS update! Head on over to the App Store now for these awesome new features and optimisations:


  • Filter flights shown on the map by multiple characteristics (callsign, username, user group, aircraft, livery, speed, altitude and vertical speed). Exclusive to Horizon subscribers.

  • Download KML files to explore a flight’s trail in three dimensions in Google Earth. Exclusive to Horizon subscribers.

  • Number of visible aircraft is now shown on the map.

  • Added superimposed day/night layers to the globe.

  • iPhone X support.

  • Squashed a number of bugs, including an annoying timeout message shown to Horizon subscribers. Sorry about that!

  • Added German language support (thanks, @Moritz!).

We really appreciate your support as always - don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

LiveFlight is available on the iOS App Store for FREE:


(we’ll be bringing over filters and more to the web version in due course)

Be sure to follow LiveFlight on social media too (@MishaCamp will be posting some awesome content there over the next few days):


Looks awesome Cam! I’ll update my app in iPad soon, can’t wait for it!


Wow! Nice thread! Let me know when Android can get started working on ;). Thank you for letting us know.

EDIT: Alright! It’s good that you at least were able to finish this development on IOS regardless!

Thanks :) Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I doubt Android will be coming anytime soon, I don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to a whole new platform (it’s basically like building a whole new app). Sorry! :/


Nice, those filters will be so useful.

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Awesome stuff Cam. And so far it actually works @Joe.

If you don’t subscribe yet , do yourself a favor and do it. Get rid of those annoying Ads and support Cam.


Amazing work Cam as always! I highly recommend you subscribe to Horizon for many cool features.



Such awesome app! Awesome job Cameron!

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I’m going to get the Horizon subscription now! Great job Cam!

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You’re doing a great job with this app!

Thank you for your work, Cameron.

I LOVE this new feature. It’s great this is finally available on the iPad!


Cam, as always, you have knocked it out of the park with this app. Keep up the amazing work, and as always, you keep earning my money, along with many other people’s!

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The KML files are so much fun - it was a bit easier to add since Google released an updated Earth for iOS a few months ago. Thanks so much for the kind words!


Thanks all for the kind words! Really appreciate your support :)

Don’t forget to leave a review on the App Store if you enjoy the new update. Cheers!


Omg it actually works

In all seriousness, fantastic update, love the way we can download KML on mobile now. Thanks!