Filter for not showing Closed topics

With our amazing Moderators on this Forum, at lot of posts get closed quickly, keeping things nice and clean.
And when I click on ‘Latest’ to see the topics with recent replies and updates, I see a lot of closed topics.

Is there a filter to view only open topics?
If not, would it then be an idea to add this?

There is a similar post on this…


As mentioned it in the topic you linked, we don’t have the ability to add those sort of functions. This is something you would need to request in their meta forum:


Henrik, thanks for the info. How is this meta forum linked to the Infinite Flight forum?

When I refer to “their” I’m talking about Discourse, this forum platform and the Discourse team. :)

The developers of Discourse have a separate forum set up for feature requests, bug reports, hosting tips, etc. The list goes on. Create a user there and you can request a new feature through their feature category.


Can’t you just unlist all the closed topics so they don’t appear on the main page?


Unlisting all closed topics would be counterproductive because there are times when we want people to see it. If there’s a common mistake and we address it, we obviously want it to be visible to everyone so people don’t make the same mistake.

Topics that we do unlist are topics that are spammy, obvious violations of guidelines, etc.


I just checked, on Discourse and found that a request for filtering closed topics already exists. Lets see how it develops :-)