Fill the gates at Chicago Midway @ KMDW - 231600ZNOV16

Training Server 1

Chicago Region

Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)

Please let me know if I you will make it.
Organizer: @Ethan_Hansen

Thanks, Jeffrey1o2


Looks great!

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I would like to come

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I’ll be there!

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I’m down. Lookin Forward to it.

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I’m coming Bc I love Southwest Airlines n we should get that state lobby poppin 😎👌 n have other airlines at the other airports n only Southwest Airlines at midway airport so both airports be crowded

I suggest you add assigned gates so that it will be more organized :)

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Yes I would do that but the main advertisement was on Instagram so I don’t know if the gates are taken…

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I’ll take gate 24

Sign me up!

For now you will be gate 20 because we want to keep planes close to each other

Do you need ATC in either airports?

You can take control of the Tower and Ground frequencies of both airports. Im going to take the Departure and Approach frequencies ;)

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Sign me in please

I’ll start at KMDW and see how that goes. See you soon.

Sorry, let me take ground and tower. you can control the appr and dep. i
need to put the planes in a certain order

Please assign me a gate, i’ll be there!

Ok I’m back in - KORD g&t

Great event. Flew MDW-ORD with great controllers all the way. Thanks!

Thank you. Sweating my b** off on KORD T&G… holy crap!