Fill the Gap (Your Aircraft Ideas)

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I am proud to present the F-800, the future of aerial combat. The F-800 is an aircraft that functions a lot like the X-wing from star wars or the X-1 space fighter. Able to rotate on all axis without stalling. The aircraft can easily make tight turns and is equipped with a hypersonic drive making it able to go 10 times the speed of sound. The aircraft also sports space capabilities with it being a new 6th generation fighter. It is built like an SR-71 however it has a standard fighter build. It has a short stubby nose, medium-sized wings, and downward facing winglets. The tail fins are like an F/A-18’s fins. The engines are like standard fighter jet engines, however, allow the aircraft to travel at hypersonic speeds. Along with that, the body is designed to take high G-forces without stalling. The aircraft is a VTOL and can hover in mid air. The armament includes 5 AIM-9X sidewinder missiles, 2 AIM-10 ARAAM missiles, Two GAU-9 Aircraft mounted Gatling Gun cannons mounted on the wings, and a rotatable XM-500 Heavy automatic Plasma Cannon. The aircraft also comes in bombing, high speed interception, ground attack, demonstration and stunt, high command, escorting, and recon variants.

The aircraft is powered through ionic power which is recyclable around three times. The unusable fuel is jettisoned into the afterburners.

The aircraft is set to add add a new edge to aerial combat.


This is not realistic in the slightist, however in a few decades, this technology could become a reality.

Tesla should create an Electric engine that about an hour to charge and can fly atleast 5 hours. Maybe like an A320 distance. Its a good idea because it saves money and maybe costs less for private jet flights

Interesting concept, but the whole way a jet engine works is that when air is sucked in through the engine, it’s heated and compressed, the heating taking place by gas. So it’s kinda hard to get that same thing with electricity, as it’s hard to get a controlled electrical fire. It COULD however, use a pusher prop like on the Piaggio Avanti

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You guys are coming up with AWESOME ideas 💡!

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