Fill the Gap (Your Aircraft Ideas)

Hey guys!

Aviation is a varying business. There are all types of aircraft, flying for airlines, the military, and in GA. And I think we all have ideas on some aircraft that would be revolutionary. My question to ya’ll, if you had unlimited funds, and could design any plane (irl or IF), what would it be? Feel free to attach drawing or just describe it!

For myself, I think an alternate energy airliner would be amazing, preferably one with transatlantic capability

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Guess this topic was a failure

Idk why people aren’t responding. This seems like a very interesting topic.

Something speedy, especially for abroad flights. Maybe something supersonic? ;)

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I kinda agree with both (@Canadian1337 @KindaAngrySliceOfPie) your ideas, We are in dire need of alternate fuel sources. if you look at the amount of natural resources spent on aviation everyday, you won’t believe your eyes. it’s staggering. We need something faster too. imagine zipping across Europe to Asia in a couple of hours? life would be so much more easier. The Irony is we had something like that, but the only problem was people nagged too much about “Noise”. Hence, Concorde was never allowed to fly over continents. Therefore, it ended up flying transatlantic. Though it was something meant only for the elites. So maybe, An amalgamation of these two things? Fast and sustainable with a hint of economical?

I had a topic similar to this that was a major flop.

I also posted it in the lounge, and it was a flop there too. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️

As far as my ideas go, I think that planes with reduced environmental impact will start to be what changes the game. Or planes that are super/hypersonic.

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I wonder if people in general lack imagination. This forum is full of people just nagging over their violations or spamming feature requests.



Also @Canadian1337 this should be in #real-world-aviation

I’d modify a 747, A380, or C5 into an airborne RV. One section will be a garage that carries both a small helicopter and a street vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc) for local travel.

My primary property would have an airstrip so I can land at home. I might not even want an actual home if I had something like that!


Interesting! Would you or a private pilot fly the aircraft?

Me without a doubt!

To put it simply, this isn’t feasible, I’ll explain. The world definitely needs it, but the technology and infrastructure simply doesn’t exist. Now if we have as you say “unlimited funds” I suppose we can do unlimited reasurch, so it would be feasible, then give them to airlines for free, then pay for lost revenue on the smaller planes, and pay for new training for Pilots, FAs, ground crew, and other airport staff, then pay for the electricity, then pay for a whole new infrastructure at the airports, then compensate the fuel companies to get them to hush up, what I’m saying is that while it’s nessarly, one aircraft will never succeed, if Airbus made all there aircraft electric tomorrow, maby it would happen, but baring one sudden, and likely suicidal move it’s going to be a long time going…

I hope you don’t feel like I’m trying to say that’s a bad idea, we definitely need good minds working on that, I just wanted to point out the reasons one aircraft simply can’t go against all other aircraft, and a long transition will be needed unfortunately…

Ooh baby this is my mind of topic!

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Probably build a Triple deck hypersonic airliner. Well even if it isn’t possible with current technology.

Fuel efficiency. That’s the key word. Environmental friendly is another one. Comfort is a third one and affordability is the last one.

What you need is a fuel efficient plane flying on renewable energy that is comfortable and affordable for the airlines and passengers.

We have to think out of the box here. And we have to use technology that isn’t even available yet. Let’s take a look at the energy / fuel part:

What if there would be a possibility to use the airpower which is generated by the airspeed to somehow power the electronics on board? What if with a new yet to be discovered material the force of friction by the air on the fuselage can be transferred to a generator as well? That would allow for example batteries to be loaded while flying. What it there would be a system which would transform the humidity in the air into hydrogen that could be used as fuel? All of that isn’t possible today, but it might be in the future.

Becoming more fuel efficient and getting away from todays fuel will also get flying more affordable as the fuel costs are one of the main expenses from airlines. Renewable energy will reduce these costs drastically.

I don’t think that there will be much changes regarding the comfort. We will see seat improvements of course but I guess that what we have in the Airbus A220 as an example will be a good standard for the feature. Planes will get faster at some point. Flying will be less of a luxury and more a matter of efficiency.

All in all, I think we’ll see some interesting things coming up in the next decades (given that the world as we know it will still exist that long…)


I’m pretty sure that one of the biggest gaps in the aviation market in the present day is the Middle of the Market (MOM for short), so I propose an airplane that would be up in our skies by 2022. Introducing the Aviatia-600 (Aviatia is pron. Ay-vee-ah-tah). This MOM plane will have its first test flight in May 2020. It’s engines are some of the most efficient engines in aviation history as well.

Extra information

Passenger capacity: 220-250
Range: 5500nm (101186 km)
Variants: -600 (Passenger model) & -600F (Freighter model)
Aviatia’s HQ and manufacturing facilities location: Barcelona, Spain.

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What’s the rationale behind the ginormous vertical stabiliser?

SR-71 Blackbird

BAe 146 100 all the way!

Introducing the Veuro 1200. A military aircraft with a body that’d allow it to withstand impact with water and allow it to submerge. It is equipped with 3 power-plants, 2 for conventional supersonic flight, and the 3rd for underwater flight. All equipment, except for fuel tanks, which are dropped prior to submerging, will be stored in a watertight weapons bay. This aircraft could become the next generation of flight!

I think a ultra efficient regional jet made by boeing would be cool. Basically a massively scaled down dreamliner.