Fill the Airport #2 @ PHTO - 032200ZSEP17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHTO

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: Hello All, and welcome to the 2nd edition of Fill the Airport Events! This time we head on over to the Islands of Hawaii and try to fill up Hilo Int’l. Airport. Some info on the airport is posted below:
Gate Assignments:

GA Gates

GA 01: @ Rowdy_Kepler (Cessna Citation X)
GA 02: @ Rockydawg_42Cessna 172)
GA 03: @ SouthwestFan (Cessna Citation X)
GA 04: @ Ashton_Liberty (Cessna Citation X)
GA 05: @William_Jones (Cessna Citation X)
GA 06: @ N/A (Super Decathlon)

Terminal Gates

Gate 01: @ Gershy (Hawaiian Airlines 717-200)
Gate 02: @ Steven_Snyder (Hawaiian Airlines 717-200)
Gate 03: @ CaptainObvious (Hawaiian Airlines 717-200)
Gate 04: @ Captain_Pablo (Hawaiian Airlines 717-200)
Gate 05: @ CuddyBuddy (Hawaiian Airlines 717-200)
Gate 06: @ Boeing747-8(Hawaiian Airlines 767-300)
Gate 07: @ Chris_Carca (United Airlines 737-900)
Gate 08: @ iheartplanes212 (Hawaiian Airlines 717-200)
Gate 09: @ AsorbMC(Hawaiian Airlines 717-200)

Other Gates

Hangar: @ Captain_Hridant (C-130 U.S Coast Guard)
HeliPad 01: @ N/A (Cirrus SR22 GTS)
HeliPad 02: @ AllegiantAir (Cirrus SR22 GTS)
West Gate: @ Kevin_James (Unmarked E170)

Hilo Ground: @Joshua_Bayes_Green
Hilo Tower: @MathAviation7

(Please PM me if you want to have an ATC position)

Hope to see you guys there!


Glad to see another Fill the Airport event. I hope this gets more successful as the numbers count up.


Add me C-130 Coast Guard :-)
At PHTO oh yea this one will be Great!

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Knew that would be gone quick lmao. See you there @Rowdy_Kepler

I’d love to join, my call sign is PAB767, I’ll be flying in a B737-700.


Welcome aboard, glad to have you aboard.

Do you assign gates?

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Actually the 737-700 is not an option, how about a 737-900 or a 717-200?

Yes gate assignments are above

No problem I’ll take a 717-200

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Okay thank you for cooperating!

We can use any airline and any plane ✈️ Can I use a delta airlines 777-200 or the 737–900

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The United Airlines 737-900 is available I will give you that spot.

Ok thanks I’ll fly that my call sign will be United airlines 0943 UA 09 43

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Can I get a terminal gate please

You are at a terminal gate.

What’s the gate number or do we just pick one

Gate 07, it clearly says above

Give me GA 03

JSYK, I may not make it

I will put you down to reserve it, but you can always contact me if you are 100% sure you will not be able to make it.

Sorry, cant go. What a shame.