Fill it Up #1 - Louisville @ KSDF - 281300ZOCT17 finished

Server: Training

Region: What is this “region” you speak of?

Airport: KSDF

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: Please follow all instructions…

Hello! On the 28th, we’ll be filling up Louisville Int’l Airport! We have TONS of spots to fill so if you’re interested, PLEASE sign up! Louisville is a major UPS Hub, with many gates, so we need as many people as possible. We also have commercial services, too.

Any plane bigger than the 172, but no plane larger than the 767.

When it’s time, please spawnup at your assigned gate.

A1: Delta - Dest: ATL
A3: Delta - Dest: ATL
A4: Other
A5: Delta - Dest: ATL
A6: Southwest - Dest: Los Angeles-LAX @Darnell_Hunt1 738
A8: Other
A9: United - Dest: Newark @NismoKits 738
A10: United - Dest: Newark @jakevaz423 738
A11: United - Dest: Chicago-O’Hare
A12: United - Dest: Houston-Intercontinental
A14: American - Dest: Dallas-Ft. Worth @Kevin_James 738
A15: Other
B2: Other
B4: US Airways - Dest: Dallas-Ft. Worth
B5: Other
B6: US Airways - Dest: Dallas-Ft. Worth
B7: Other
B9: Other
B11: Other
B13: Other
B15: Southwest - Dest: Phoenix-Sky Harbor @SouthwestFan 738
B16: US Airways - Dest: Dallas-Ft. Worth
B17: Southwest - Dest: Denver
B18: Other
B19: Other

If you want an ‘other’ gate, please state the airline and aircraft.

For other gates, please state the aircraft you’ll be using

Cargo gates:

We’ll be using Cargo 200-230. Post the gate you want and aircraft and I’ll add it. Only UPS aircraft

Cargo 200 - Dest: Kansas City @Ashton_Liberty
Cargo 201 - Dest: New York-JFK @Joseph_Krol

Please voulenteer for atc. It’s just G & T

Ground: @Marcus_Chee
Tower: @marcus_chee

I wish to see you all there.

Thank you,


Please join! We need people to come! Please!

Sign me up. Gate A9 please.

Ok. Are you ok with a 738?

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I don’t know if I will be able to come but if I can I’ll do UPS 757 SDF-MCI

Ok. Cargo 200 is yours

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Thanks, see you there (hopefully)

I’d like to see more people join!

I will go with any 737 but yes im ok with the 738.

Ok. Sounds good. I’ll se you there.

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Can I get a gate please heading out to lax

Sure. What airline and what gate that says other?

Or would you like a UPS gate?

Hey I would like A6 please and I am using a southwest 737-800

I would take the ATC spot (both ground and tower) :)

Ok. Thank you so much!

Ok. Will do. Thank you.

Ill be american sign me up please

Too bad I can’t go I have to travel back to my home town.

Hopefully I can make it! I’ll take Gate A10 in a United 737-800 heading to KEWR (Newark). :)

@Kevin_James, ok
@jakevaz423, ok
@Michael_Weinblatt, that’s ok. Maybe next time.