File Flight Plan before you start the simulator?

I think probably my favourite feature of Microsoft FSX is that you can pre plan your Flight Plan prior to even starting the simulator. In addition to this you can select two airports and it creates the flight path for you (simple trick that makes it faster to go IFR)


Are you just talking about your experience with FSX or want this as a feature request for Infinite Flight ?

I can’t select feature request for this forum… don’t know why…

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does this request need to be closed then?

No we just had to move it to the right category


This is nice. I think that liveflight connect for windows can grab an FPL for you if you use it. @AR_AR

Yes you can generate a plan with LiveFlight Connect on Windows and load it into IF. Or you can generate one on and manually input into IF.


surely it would be better if it was integrated?


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I would love to have this along with nav mode.Would make for an incredible experience.

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You could push this into saving a flight to return back to it as well. It would be a great feature to add! Great idea

thats a great idea within it… I’m not sure what would be involved in the development though

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