File Flight Plan Before Spawning

It can be a great idea actually, I saved a route for myself and kept it in my notes so when I’m gonna do it again u can just copy and paste it so I think it will
Be needed

Would be a nice addition imo. Combine it with the option to save a previous flight plan and we would be good to go. You could hop in a flight way quicker and could simulate the exact same flight multiple times without needing to use other apps to store the flight plans. Only question would be: does this negatively effect the in-game experience bc of storage issues or similar?

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I don’t think it will affect the device storage wise compared to other things. Most of the space taken comes from replays, etc. I explained above that a flight plan being a few hundred characters wouldn’t take much storage since it is not a replay where aircraft, transmissions and scenery have to load in. Even if each flight plan has a large amount of individual code, something like the entire Inspect Element of fpltoif, still barely takes much space. I estimate about somewhere under 12,000 flight plans would be required to add at least 1GB.

If this came with a feature to save the flight plan then I’d be all for it. There are many times when I am in agame with a long(ish) fpl and don’t want to have to go through the whole creation process again but I need to change the plane so I end up needing to redo it.

In terms of some of my favorite fpls I have those copied down onto index cards and pinned above my desk but having the option to save/pre-make the plan would eliminate that need.

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I’m not sure exactly what could be done to improve importing flight plans from other sources. I know there’s that one (IFPTO) or something but for me the easiest way is to Flight plan on another device then hand type everything in so you don’t have to leave the IF app to double check everything from fixes to planned altitudes. Check out departure plates and STARs I was disappointed to learn the app doesn’t support Apple’s split view which would help out a lot. My laptop fried in a power surge so it’s now “clunky” to use my iPhone.

It would be nice if IF was an option to import from SimBrief seamlessly from their website and you simply get “clearance delivery” when you spawn in