File Flight Plan Before Spawning

Back with another feature request…

This one just popped into my head that I thought would be a useful addition. Here is the gist: I want to make a Flight Plan for a future flight before spawning, but I want to do a flight before it for whatever reason. So I would put in the Flight pan onto this new feature, have it saved, do the flight before the filed one, select the Flight Plan, and spawn in with my flight plan immediately loaded in. What does this help with: This convenience entails not needing to go into every time you want to do a flight, which builds convenience and you can add multiple flight plans in one go.

What do you think?

Hmm. I just have a list of routes ready to go saved in a text document. I just copy and paste them into the search bar, and away you go!


I’d say this saves getting off the app itself and going into a text document.

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That only takes 10 seconds 😂, sorry @Tsumia

I mean…

It’s just easier to quickly make a flight plan on the website and paste it in. You can do it before or during your game…? 🤷‍♂️

There’s a thing called ‘clipboard’.


Some of the routes produced by if flight plan converter arent the best

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Yes but you can always adjust them. Just saving a flight plan in your documents then whipping it back out again isn’t going to fix it. You still have to get that fpl in the first place.

I’d personally have trouble organising it with a bunch of other junk. Same does apply for text documents. I’d find it hard to organise.

True, I’ve recently just started creating my own flight plan. I know its going be correct and also is a bit of fun if I’m being honest🤣.

Id like like to see this feature.

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True, however it’s just putting more data into the system and your device. Personally I don’t think it is a necessity.

I got an idea adding to this. The fpltoif software could be added into this as a partnership for the game? It’s a big step a ahead but it sounds a lot better

I get the idea, but when ATC is active your normally placed into ATIS to allow you to make an FPL. A nice idea but I wouldn’t say necessary

You’re rarely asked for intentions when youre off ATIS. I’d rather not sit through an annoying repeat of the same ATIS transmission over and over.

It wouldn’t get added in. FpltoIF is a third party app. At best they’d be able to add a link somewhere so it opens up safari/chrome, but exits the app which could lead to a crash on some devices.

Tune out of ATIS and sit between frequencies? That’s what I do

Oh right, I see your point. Yeah, but at least be made into an app and not a website, bc I honestly love fpltoif

Hahaha I do too

I dont think it will that much. It’s not a replay where aircraft, transmissions and scenery have to load in. A few hundred to maybe a thousand characters could be added which doesn’t really take up a big amount of space. For instance, a text document with the whole Inspect Element tab of fpltoif is a maximum of 83KB.

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That’s a great idea, especially if you don’t have time during short turnarounds!

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iPad users have multitasking options enabling you to make the flightplan on the ground while listening to the ATIS, iPhone etc users can always paste the fpl to their notes then do the same once they log in to the servers. Nice idea still. I’m curious how it would be implemented.

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