File Cruising Altitude in Flight Plan

When filing your flight plan you would have the option to include your preferred cruising altitude. This would make it easier to state your intentions. Here’s how it would work.

Here is my FPL I want to tour the Hudson, VFR. KJFK TICKL CIMBEL KTEB, I intend to fly at 1300ft.

Two ways of filing your altitude

  1. Through a button called FILE ALT. in the MAP/FPL section.

You would simply click the button and a text box would open just like when you are searching for an airport or waypoint. When it pops up you simply type in the altitude you want and click ok to add it.

  1. Through the search bar.

Along with your flight plan you would also include your alititude, click ok and it’s all added to your filed flight plan.

Filed Flight Plan

Info Box

After it’s filed it then will also be displayed in the pilot’s information.

I had to use someone else’s information for this example.

This would make it way easier to state your intentions to ATC most importantly, and the other aircraft around you. I hope you like the concept!

So would NAV also control your FL?

You want VNAV? Just buy the app Infinite Flight Assistant. :)

Or you can buy the app VirtualHub, these apps are very handy!
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No, this would just be used to state your intentions. It would greatly help ATC as I consistenly get frustrated when I am controlling radar and do not fully understand what the aircraft’s intentions are.


This is not VNAV, just to be clear. 🙂

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Yes, IFATC do try to accomidate you. Shocking, I know. We all try to.


Removed a vote for this. This is really needed. It would be extremely helpful for ATC.

This could be a first step into implementing Center frequencies!

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You did a fantastic job with this post and a great idea! - Well Done!

Of course, the aircraft would then not only follow the headings, but also the cruise altitude…?

…only above 15000, to avoid issues with sleeping pilots 😉

This deserves a vote. Good job as always @Trio.

Love it. I hate when I tell an aircraft to climb and maintain FL320 and they request FL340. This, combined with being able to see the FPL, would make life so much easier.

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I do not that see that on my MAP/FPL… altitude filed are you using android or iOS ?

I made those examples in a graphic design app, people are visual. MAP+FPL is there though.


I like the idea would make it a lot more realistic. You got my vote

Sorry my mistake I thought it’s available to set altitude however in IF-Assistant you can set altitude and set speed once you have a flight plan in IF and it’s works pretty good

This is not VNAV, this is simply filing your cruising altitude. 🙂