Fil de suivi ATC de CaptainNast - [Practical Passed] @ N/A

Hello everybody,

Today I am launching my ATC Tracking Thread because I have just applied for the IFATC and I want to train before taking the pratical exam.
Don’t hesitate to give feedback if you can.


Airport: LFBO
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Server: Training
Time: Now
Patterns allowed

Thanks to everyone who will come.


LFBO now closed

If you ever open again, please ping me!

I will reopen tomorrow around 20:00Z

LFBO Open now

Hi I was G-USMN with equipment (TBM). Here is my Feedback below.


  • Spot on for giving me “taxi Instruction” rather than “pushback clearance” since I was in GA aircraft


  • Transition (3000ft) was perfect
  • Clearances were way too late, thats why I kept reporting my position on base. Gotta be proactive when it comes to this. Aircraft can be cleared on crosswind or early downwind leg
  • Traffic directions were given with every clearance. They are only needed onces; either with takeoff clearance or with new runway clearance.
  • Nicely done with that “go around” scenario.
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Thank you very much for stopping by, I realized my mistakes and I will try to be better next time :)

I will open another airport tomorrow at the same time so don’t hesitate to stop by if possible!

EDDM Open now (a little bit early)
@Usman_A @Rocky_Black @Maxime_Flying

EDDM now closed

Thanks for this great session @Stan7 ☺️

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Glad you liked it!

LPMA open now

LPMA closed

LFML open now

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LFML Closed

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LFBO open now


Lfbo closed

Lfbo open now

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