Fiji water certified moment

Fiji water.

nothing special. Just the na-
It does taste different, like kinda sweet tasting watta.
Who knows why it tastes


Ultra long haul - 12:40 6973nm a350 - Fiji solo flight

Takeoff from Fiji

The sunrise over Fiji!

Seeing land after 6 hours.

Approaching manhattan!

Gonna eat a delicious cheesecake


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Great edit

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😍 as usual

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Also amazing landing

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Your first subscriber is … drumroll, please! me

Thanks! I tried my hardest to butter!

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Thank you so much!

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Also extremely overpriced


Btw for the edits i use snapseed.

Lovely photos! I do love the edits (and well done on the landing, now just gotta work on touchdown point!)

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i love me sims fiji water

great pics btw :)


Yeah, the touchdown is the hardest part, Illl try to learn how to get that correctly

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Every A350 flight i’ve had ended in spinnign pain

Looks great!

Thanks! And welcome to the community!

Why? What happened?

Those are some pretty amazing pictures! Do you know how long is the flight?

Yeah, this route is about 14:50, including the time wasted in the airport. Tho in infinite flight it takes just 12:40, because there’s no time lost in-airport.
And thanks!