Fiji Link DHC-6 Twin Otter

Hello everyone !
As I really like the Twin Otter and it‘s needed in IF, I would love to see this livery on it :).



DHC-6 Twin Otter thread:

About the Twin Otter:

About Fiji Airways:

About Fiji Link:

Tell me your opinion about this livery
Thanks for visiting this topic ! 😁

I would love to see the Twin Otter in IF one day!!! From the beaches of Scotland, to St Bartholomew, to the Fiji Islands! I’d love to see this! I don’t have any spare votes though :(

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You really love Fiji, don’t you? Well… I got to admit, it’s a nice livery. But I don’t think I’ll vote for it (sorry). Good luck though 😀

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@DmitrI-G v o t e

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