Fiji Islands

A beautiful set of islands located just off the coast of Eastern Australia, Fiji offers a few and good amount of regional airports including an Intl at the main island. (Nadi intl)


Check this thread to have a taste of its airlines:

  • Add it, fly it and love it!
  • Why is this a place it’s aweful!

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Do I get some credit if the region does get added and the aircraft as well🙃

Will be nice for little GA hops, but we need better aircraft for that

PS your spelling is awful :-P

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Dash 8 island hopping ok

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We already have Oshkosh for this purpose and Hawaii is geographically similar, so I personally think that the addition of the Fiji islands will be a flop.

Can I ask why…? You do realise the spellcheck on the community isn’t the best. Please elaborate, my spelling is fine in this post.

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This would be great!

You spelt awful in the poll aweful, that’s all

Why don’t we wait for global… There is no point of adding seperate regions, but i do like your idea a lot

Oh I see ha ha, it happens to all of us

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