Fiji Boeing 737-700

Did some research and found a multiple choice thing but not topic requesting this aircraft by it self
Let me what you think


I like it I like very detailed livery

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Saw a Fiji A330 over my house a few hours ago in Sydney. Great livery!

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I personally would like to see this livery in the game. Flight radar24 is great for finding liveries

Great livery. Just a week ago i posted a fidji airlines 737 picture with that livery :-)

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It’s super!

Looks good!

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A beautiful plane for a beautiful country :)

This livery looks great!

The tail design caught my attention

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After 2 years of inactivity on this feature request thread, I will be the final bump saying that this feature request has been confirmed! :D

@N881RA if you still are online on IFC, your feature request has been confirmed! :D