Fiji Airways What Have You Done?

I guess this is funny. Someone should’ve looked at a map.

(Might have to zoom in depending on this formatting)

This is Fiji Airways’ revised route map for its November/December 2019 magazine.

I don’t even know what to say…

Tokyo and Mumbai have been flooded, Singapore and Osaka have moved west, Fiji Airways successfully united Hong Kong with China, Chicago became Canadian, Miami moved to Mississippi after being struck by another hurricane… There’s so many things wrong with this route map. 🤦‍♂️

Fiji Airways has a different route map on their website. Not as bad, I guess, but there’s still some issues…


Slightly worried about the water levels in East London, wich is much closer to Greenland than I remember… (not to talk about West London on the Irish coast) and the water levels in Frankfurt…

Also what’s happened with Toronto on the second map?

Why has London moved to the ocean lol

I mean the London in Ontario
The London in UK is Irish, nice
Frankfurt is french
And Helsinki is Swedish
Taipei is Japanese
All cities in Australia and New Zealand have Ben moved to the left

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Think someone has given them a joke map of the world and they have fallen for it. 🙈

Petition for Fiji Airways to make all world maps from now on?


Haha, look at Anchorage!!! Now you truly know where Anchorage is. I guess the earthquakes moved us too…


Looks like the map has been accidentally scaled down a notch.

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Anchorage just became Bethel 😂

Or, wherever that is. I think it’s Bethel


Never realized Boston has now moved up into Canada. Must mean I live in Canada now.

This is the strangest map I’ve ever seen. Mostly everything is shifted to the left, with most city underwater, and some shifted to new places, like London being moved into Ireland, and is now closer than ever, and Frankfurt completely moving out of Germany and being somewhere in Europe so they can be closer to the US.

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It’s not Bethel, Bethel is a bit to the south. It’s closer to a town called Unalakleet

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Right! Yeah. I though Bethel was somewhere east. Anyway, we are not Unalakleet 😂

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Every dot is the same distance to the west. Probably didn’t line up the backdrop properly.


Oh, Beijing belongs to Russia lol 😂

I’m certain a first grader could have done better.


I love the new earth!

I guess that the recent weather/earthquakes etc. have reshaped the earth! Kansas and Indianapolis are Canadian! Charlotte is now west of the Mississippi River, cool! Anchorage is now on top of Unalakleet, and London is in Ireland, I guess Britain was looking for some new real estate. Nashville is legit on the US/Canadian boarder, that’s over 1,000 miles! Mumbai is successfully an ocean base now. I love how the earth has rearranged itself.

Can’t wait to explore the new planet. Cue the National Geographic music, “Welcome back to Planet Earth Documentary!”


I can’t wait for the new documentary!!

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Omg😂 Salt Lake City is so high

This is a disgrace for a map nerd like me

Didn’t know Dubai was in Qatar lol

And London in Ireland