Fiji Airways moonshot

Hello everyone !
So I really like the livery of Fiji Airways and I love their islands, too.
I‘m planning to fly there when I‘ve my pro sub at the end of March !

Flight details

• Airport: YSSY
• Aircraft: 737-700
• Server: Solo

What is you favorite?

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I would really like to see that livery on the A350, too.

Bye !


Fiji Airways is brilliant. You can fly to some of the least visited countries in the world. That’s why I love Fiji.


I misinterpreted the title. Maybe use alternate titles such as “Fiji Airways moonshot”?

Yeah, I misinterpreted the title as well, may you can change it. But other than the title, they’re some great photos!


Don’t have that capability. big oof

Nice pics! I flew Fiji airways in real life on their a330-200 to Nadi from LAX and then to Auckland on the 737-700. We did the same return route. Unfortunately, they arent the best airline service wise- , or at least not when I flew them.


Well in my opinion it‘s one of the best :)

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