Fiji Airways A350-900

Nice, that was the right moment to do it since it reached 100 votes !

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Im not very savy on this voting thread thing, someone should create a vote thread for removing those junk fantasy liveries from ALL variants, not vintage liveries, just those that never existed and never will irl. And I gave this my vote w/o thinking twice about it


I actually thought about it but don’t think we are allowed to…it would save some storage for liveries which exist (and which would be used actually). Some A359 liveries are still missing, not only this one.


I really wanted to do a topic like this for Air Zwibabwe A320 to be removed so we could add a relevant Africa A320 operator instead for instance, Air Arabia or Air Cote d’Ivoire…

Indeed there are some liveries which don’t exist on the A359, but they’ll exist in the future (United,Emirates,AerLingus), however regarding Afriqayah I don’t know, the livery is stunning tho.


It’s been years and it hasn’t made it to the simulator. In the meantime… enjoy the A350, Aer Lingus, Afriqiyah Airways, Emirates and KLM


I want those 4 liveries to be replaced by
China Southern
Aeroflot (New Livery)
Air China

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I voted and really want it to fly the lax to nadi route

Underrated game changer in Infinite Flight is Fiji A359 in my opinion, would love to see this livery in the future update 🤩

Bumping this topic, we need more support!

In my opinion, this livery isn’t a want, it’s a need. This would add more diversity and include a livery/airline that is underrepresented in Infinite Flight.

Fiji Airways for the win!


United’s order has been delayed over and over and more than likely will be cancelled (it could’ve been replaced by their recent A321neo order), and IAG transferred the Aer Lingus order to Iberia. Unfortunately there were quite a few “predictive” liveries on the A350 that left out some current ones. Some of that can be blamed on the fact that the aircraft still has plenty of unfilled orders, however I believe there were some important liveries that were missed as a result. Not to mention that the LATAM A350 has a Qatari registration, which is just a pet peeve of mine. Oh well, LATAM doesn’t have A350s anymore anyway haha

As an LAX spotter, Fiji Airways is a must in my book. It doesn’t open up many routes, but it provides realistic access to a country without much other traffic. I would love to see it and will try to clear up a vote for this

Yes ; Fiji has underrated scenery and this along with A330 could make Fiji VA happen! @Adrian_K would love this 😊

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I would beg to devs to add this lol

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Agreed! Fiji Airways for the win! 🤘

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With the recently announced changes to the feature request category, we are excited to be able to confirm that this feature has been added to our development timeline and will be making its way to Infinite Flight in the future!

Thank you for voting!