Fiji Airways A350-900 And A330-300 Livery's!

Hi every one. I think its time to add some more Fijian pride to infinite flight by adding 2 beautiful livery’s which are the Fiji Airways Airbus A330-300 And the Fiji Airways A350-900. This would be great to see if infinite flight added these 2 livery’s to the game it will give Fiji its pride and have some more Fijian pride in the game as well as new routes with those 2 livery’s such as NFFN-KLAX, NFFN-KSFO, NFFN-YSSY. This would make infinite flight amazing and I’m hoping they can add these 2 livery’s soon.

Fiji Airways Airbus A330-300

Fiji Airways Airbus A350-900

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