Fiji Airways 737 MAX 8

Fiji Airways 737 MAX 8

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Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways is the flag carrier airline of Fiji with it’s hub being Nadi International Airport. Currently, Fiji Airways own’s 12 aircraft including 737-700/800’s, A330-200/300’s and finally the 737 Max 8 with four more on the way!

I feel that this livery would be a great edition to Infinite Flight (along with the 737-700/800 confirmed recently) if/when the 737 MAX Family are released into the Simulator. It would open up for more route possibilities and would be a stunning livery to look at over a Infinite Flight Sunset.

If you feel the same way as I do about this beauty please leave a vote! Thank you very much for reading my feature request!

Good Day!


Here is the 737 MAX family request!

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Nice request, though it may be a bit to late to implement! Though I do love this livery! It’s going to be flying to Wellington soon!

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The next update won’t have the 737 MAX family added I know. Can’t wait for the Fiji Airways 737-700/800 to be added soon, can’t you bro?!


Same here, I’d love to see this livery in the jew update possibly!

I have seen this on Infinite Flights twitter, maybe they already have added it who knows! But we do need a fiji airways livery!

Just remember guys, this request is for the MAX series. And that image or something was most likely an edit of someones.

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Maybe that added the Fiji livery to the 737-8 with splits, but the max isn’t coming out yet.

Hmmm, not aware of any Fiji 737 with splits… probably just an edit

Just saw the news of the recent acceptance of the aircraft and am very excited!

I will say, the image you used is not an edit, and is from Boeing themselves. I love the livery though, nice request! 👍

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Yes im aware of that, it is probably with the splits or just normal, the MAX wont come out yet.