Figured out 1 reason screen freezes on iPads

So ever since I had an issue where I my screen freezes during flights, I have been trying to figure out why. This is something that you all may be able to recreate or try out.

To the developers, I dont know if this helps your efforts to fix this or if there is a way to fix this. But anyways…he goes…

Culprit: Device charging

A. Overheats device
B. Slows fps to unsupportable levels
C. Device screen freezes

What helps:
Change time of day to night and put brightness all the way down. It helps while charging but ultimately if you are doing a longer flight that will keep you away from the screen for a prolonged amount of time; night will turn to day and you will end up with another screen freeze.

How I realized this:
My screen was starting to freeze and slow as I was charging it. Device got really hot to the touch. I unplugged the charger and it took about 10-20s of moving my button on the screen for it to go back to normal. Havent had a single problem since unplugging.


Plugged in or not my device still freezes


You said yours runs perfectly Chatta 🤷🏻‍♂️


Yeah, have to agree with Chatta here. This can happen regardless.

However, i think your point is the overheating part. And yes, high temps can cause the performance to degrade and therefor cause freezing.

Still, nice digging :)


It runs fine, I don’t complain about freezing 😂 it’s for a maximum of 30 seconds. As long as there is no app crashing I’m happy, it only really happens on my iPad.


a tip for charging your device when flying:

once you plug in your charger and leave for the flight to progress, leave the devices screen side down to prevent overheating issues

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Have you experienced over heating issues? Honestly I see no point in doing that, I have kept devices plugged in for 24 hours at a time on IF, and my iPad has the Apple full leather case which isn’t exactly good for cooling but I have no issues. If your device started over heating it would just turn off anyway so there isn’t much safety risk.

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It is an older iPad? I have the iPad air 2 and the iPad pro 10.5 and this never happens.

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An option: once you’ve levelled off and set the cruise speed, set the drone camera fixed at a place near the ground. Once you’ve set your NAV, you don’t have to worry about flying off course or getting speed violation and the best thing here is your device need not work so much to load the scenery. Increases the draining time of the battery.

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My iPad Air 2 freezes lags quite often. Even with all graphics minimum it occurs. In the charger or not the same outcome comes.


Try the mophie charging external charger with 64Gigs. It stopes once the iPad or iPhone… reaches 100%.then automatically stop charging to eliminate the overheating condition.

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My iPad Air 2 freezes lags quite often as well. Even with all graphics minimum it occurs. The frame rate goes down to about 1.6.

My device does, rarely, freezes up for a couple of seconds on flights. But it doesn’t overheat. Even when charging. And it isn’t very bad freezing. I assumed that it was server lag. Have maximum graphics on. I’m using an iPad Pro.
I do have automatic low power mode on. Don’t know if that will affect overheating.

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It’s not just iPad’s all device’s temperature rises when they are being charged, on top of that IF is a demanding performance app which puts a considerable amount of load on the CPU causing it to heat up. And overheating results in laggy UI and apps freezing time to time. The better CPU the device has the longer it will take to heat up.

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A RAM clear every now and then seems to keep the screen freezing to a minimum. If I encounter a screen freeze, I clear the RAM and it doesn’t happen again for a couple of days. I think that the app just needs a little further optimization. New iPads are few and far between. The iPad Air 2 would be considered a newer iPad but it’s almost as old as the 5S.

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