Fighting to Improve Fighter Usage on Expert


I cant find or know who this is but all that buzzing and flying over me, repeatedly on the expert server gotta stop. He should know better. He lucky I don’t have power to ghost!


Thats a guy who just got removed from GAF.
Thats Cade Norris,


He is @captain-cade. He should see this because I brought it up on the DynamX Slack.


That’s my bad. I was initially supposed to click casual server. I didn’t see any violation warnings popping up.


This also means you dont have to buzz people on whatever server your on. When you see a Grade 5 escpially on the ground most times the want to have a realistic flight and not have people buzzing you. That means dont be messing with people like this. I suggest you take this as a lesson unless you want to have this happen again and your name be on the IFC again like this


As someone who flys fighters exclusively on expert for my VA and is expected to always be professional, I love this post. Thank you to all the expert IF ATC staff for the excellent service you provide.

I would like to get your thoughts on a question that I have always had. The scenario would be an ATC controlled airport with light traffic, because I don’t feel the request would be appropriate with heavy traffic or busy events.

I’m a fighter inbound (preforming an escort or leading other fighters correctly labeled as a flight of #). 26 miles out I request a trasition of the airport and receive clearance at >3000. maintaining >3000, I choose a course the does not conflict with any inbound or outbound traffic. My intention is to flyover and perform a break to enter the pattern, again around the controlled speeds that you described. Once overhead I request inbound for landing any runway (or arrival runway on ATIS) and receive pattern instructions and runway from ATC, then perform my break (fan break for a flight of # fighhters) following ATC instructions.

Would you feel this is appropriate? How do ATC operators feel about this kind of arrival?

I never had problems using this procedure before with IF ATC. I would like to be able to show my appreciations for ATC by the way I fly and work with our partners on the ground. looking forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you.


It is relatively easy with an F-22 and some practice to plan a timed entrance into ATC airspace even if you are coming in above 500 kts from around 30K to go to full flaps, cut your throttle to near zero and recalibrate your AOA so you can arrive at around 240 KIAS within about 30-50 miles of the airport…AFAIAC this F-22 is drastically more aerodynamically maneuverable than the preglobal version and performs quite adequately as needed in almost all circumstances except for severe wind issues

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Don’t do it when it’s busy, but if it isn’t, it’s always good to ask.


At least you don’t get 3 fighters simultaneously buzzing the tower and purposely flying into aircraft taking off like in the training server.


That is kinda funny

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I wish this was imposed on TS1 too.


Usually, if we find people screwing around during ATC tests, they’ll get ghosted.


Ohk but even when they fly I believe these restrictions should be enforced atleast in TS1 not ghosting bit violations should be counted.

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