Fighting to Improve Fighter Usage on Expert


Is this the video I was to be part of ? 😜


Yes. You missed out Tom 😡🦀


I’m always in my F-14 going 280knts at FL120 -Whiskey1


What are the real life rules for fighters going Mach1+ speeds? Isn’t it something like you must be over the ocean or above FL400 except in an emergency like a scramble? Correct me if I’m wrong


If you would be coming in to land, we would recommend you stay at 250 or under. Especially during pattern altitude, it helps expedite the departure process when the airport is busy.


Exactly. I just want to add that you shouldn’t be speeding up once you contact ATC, you should still stay below 250 knts the entire time.


As for fighter you are wrong. As for comercial flights you are right.


Thank you so very much for addressing this I had actually wondered as to what the limitations of rules were on Fighters considering there no speed violations when you’re above 250 I try to conduct myself and adhere to rules just like when (flying commercial planes).

Would you mind explaining on this further as to I actually like to fly up next to people not troll them or mess with them but just like an escort type deal (I used to be in IFES [Imfinite Flight Escort Service]) so again… minus that it would NOT be a VA type approach/situation. is this acceptable as long as you’re not being hostile towards the user or is it something that may end up getting your ghosted or reported thank you so much for your time and hopefully in the answer to the inquiry!

Be safe up there yall! happy flights


Before escorting someone, it is always courteous to ask first, since they might not want an escort or something. Asking also allows you to coordinate with the person better.


For that most certainly is understood however it’s not always possible to coordinate with people I know with ifes we had a reservation system or they asked for escort sometimes think you and I know this issue has been visited would be so much easier if there’s a way to open chat while flying


Besides of course being on Discord but it’s not always possible hell I just got Discord and I’ve been flying on here not this account but my account previously and this account for 3 almost 4 years maybe 4 years


Perhaps on universal thing where if a fighter approaches a plane that is in transit where some kind of mandated I don’t know gesture or something that they must do in order to acknowledge it sounds of lunacy just in the simple fact would everybody even read it or even know about it


Currently though, no such feature is available, so you have it work with what we have :)


Well as I said I’ve been here for 3 almost 4 years maybe 4 years I’m I’m very aware of that and as you’re probably well aware once you save last night for instance I flew with someone we did a flight from Dallas to Hot Springs Arkansas now during Transit we talked through where you would put your username or whatever like mine for example is FDX42 and my call sign is the same but was super but we were changing the top one to communicate back and forth on the end of the flight it’s my fault primarily and I’m sure and maybe the person is looking for me as well but there was no lock down username say if you make an account in the application self perhaps I should automatically also register here on IFC and then say if you go to the flight planner and you click on it and it shows where they flown or you can copy their flight plan should also have that username these are all just ideas obviously you know you can throw down a million doesn’t mean anything or any single one of them will actually be accomplished. But something as simplistic as having an account automatically created upon the registration of your Infinite Flight account then there you go problem solved for the most part. As far as the communication part without Discord or whatever


This will be the last message that I reply to and post on here but as a programmer myself for 20 years to see and to think of these ideas you know it drives you crazy. Knowing that is out of your control to even Implement any of them because of the proprietary software I actually have already had conversations with Laura regarding this


I’m not sure what’s been going on lately but this weekend I’m seeing more fighters harassing airliners. In particular one over New York buzzing 2 DLVA flights going into JFK, then buzzed me going into LGA on final last night and just now saw a fighter harassing two other DLVA pilot’s over Phoenix. I fear it’s because of all the A-10 hype and when it is released it’ll be like when the KC-10 came out (when you took off with one to just do pattern work all the annoying wasps came out to buzz you)


Since it’s a VA, you can privately message @mwe2187 (the DLVA CEO) with your concerns to ensure that your experience is not affected again.


Well they were the “victims” not the agitator and were not the one’s who bothered me.


Ahh I see, sorry about that. It’s the sad truth that most don’t usually come to the forum until they receive violations/ghostings.


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