Fighting to Improve Fighter Usage on Expert

A common problem us IFATC face is fighters going at unnatural speeds in controlled airspaces. Once again, I do not mean for this to be a callout thread, and I only want to help people learn to make the servers better for everyone. Anyone who’s controlled at an airport with heavy fighter traffic has experienced some of these issues for sure, whether expert or training, so without further ado, here’s the main part of the post…

Fighters are some of the most fun aircraft to fly in the simulator. You have an unbelievable amount of control over the speed and maneuverability of the aircraft. But, that’s just it – control. Control over the aircraft is just what some pilots lack on the expert server. Below, I will be providing you with what is commonplace on the expert server, and also an example of what should be done.

Below, you will find an example of the correct way to enter an airspace in a fighter in the pilot indicated in green. A good rule of thumb is to enter the airspace as though you are flying an airliner. Even though there may not technically be speed limits, you should not be pushing 250 knts. As long as you fly at a reasonable speed and altitude, you won’t have any problems approaching an airport.

However, many pilots on the server do not follow the example set above. The pilot indicated in red is a good example of what to not do. Flying at an outrageous speed such as that below could result in a ghosting.

Here is what you can expect if you are traveling at 500knts+ when you make initial contact with ATC.

I hope this post helps people out, and once again, I do not mean to call people out here, rather improve the expert server experience for everyone on it. Both of the pilots featured in the examples above, @RTG113 and @AdamCallow, volunteered their time to help me with this tutorial, and they deserve a lot of credit in making it possible.


@RTG113 in trouble again?!! 😡😡😡


As someone who loves fighters I pride myself in not acting crazy on Expert. The fastest I’ve flown while being controlled is like 400 kts but that’s above 10,000.

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Just for the tutorial Nate 😜


Yeah, there are definitely a lot of really good fighter pilots on here, just thought a few could use a reminder :)

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Damn who was controlling you, NASA center?


:P although I have been that high before, I meant 10,000…

This was a well needed post that some pilots need to see. Thanks Panda Blue!


929kts? Regardless, I think this topic is a biggy for pilots who want to fly in a fighter. This helps the flow control run much smoother and helps sequencing more clean.

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I did have to make Rocco exaggerate a bit for the tutorial :P. None of the filming was done in public anyway :)

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I think it would help if they made the F-22 flaps give more lift than a flea sneezing downwards… If they did that it would be sososo much easier to fly it below 300 kts

Yeah, the F-22 is an older model and is more unpredictable. Maybe try it out in solo/casual before bringing it onto the expert server to make sure you know how it’ll behave.


Absolutely brilliant tutorial BP900! This is useful as i get these incidents first hand when controlling on the Expert Server. Let’s hope this helps! :)

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What if there is a restriction on fighter jets going into busy airports I think its very unrealistic seeing a fighter jet parked on a commercial gate which we see a lot on expert this is just my opinion on it I’m not a fan.

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I don’t really see that as a feasible option, since this is IF after all. We wouldn’t restrict GA from large fields, so why restrict fighters?

But in real life we don’t see fighter jets at lax and jfk which we do see people flying them into them airports when it would be featured for the day Ga is different because they are known to fly into these types of airports fighter jets are not

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I don’t think we’d ever see this, since it would heavily restrict people who want to fly fighters in actively controlled areas, but maybe for some FNFs and events we could see this :)


I am similar with Lucas. I use fighters like a military operation. (Because when I use them, I am with a military group). I will scramble out at a high knot amount, but will go slower when I am not.

Once you’re out of the airspace, you can go at any speed you want, so long as you’re not interfering with other people’s experience. It’s really about making sure that you’re at a reasonable speed within an airspace, so it makes life easier for those around you and the controller.

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Exactly. However, there is a rule for entering GAF and IFGN airspace. You simply can’t be in it or you will be either reported or intercepted. (IFGN is not IFVARB approved, unless I am wrong. It is basically a subsidiary to GAF. But IFGN is navy.). Especially if you are in a fighter.