Fighting Fires with a 747

This would be cool to do on IF.
They had a c130 doing it too. Could be added?
Must be really serious on the ground to have bought in these aircraft. Hopefully it saves people having to go in too close on the ground to tackle it.


Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.

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This isn’t the first time it’s been done. New York based Evergreen did it. Unfortunately I think they are retired now.


If you want it, check out these features! The Global SuperTanker is my personal favourite ;)


The LA fire department needs some of these. they have the Dc-10 Tanker but sometimes it doesn’t get it all out. But money is something else that I have to think about. Oh well.

Follow along on their twitter

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Glad that Chile is receiving support to put away the wildfire. Hope everything ends well.

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Well if there using a 747 as a water deployed for fire
What would happen if they used an A380 for fighting fires?
I’ve gone of topic sorry

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That’s Awesome! Wish it’d be added as a ‘mission’ to IF.

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