Hey again community on this week’s post I’m going to build create and set up your flight plan for you from gates to fight path to finding routes to fly.We will do it right here in the comfort of the community page.

Simply just put your plane and your airline you want to fly with and i will do the rest for you and get back to you as soon as I finish

~ i apologize for the inconvenience if it is not in the correct category as I do not have many categories to choose from~

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Let me understand, basically a human version of ?


Fpl cant make you a complete route since the gate… Like what taxi ways you should folow to the runway…

Yes i guess I kind of forgot that that site is a thing. :\

Alr this looks interesting

I’ll also be using infinite x for taxiways and using online charts for specific gate info.

Just out of curiosity, what do YOU get out of this lmao?

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This isn’t a hard thing to figure out. It takes five seconds.

Yeah, personally I just taxi through the grass so I skip that stage.


I’m curious how accurately you’d be able to get historical information. It took me a good 30 minutes of internet browsing before I could even find a flight number for a 742 route done in 2006.


So like Suggest a route and we will find it?

There is already a topic for this, I am sure you can help people who post on that one.

Social Interaction…?

Can a mod shut this down im realizing how stupid this idea is.