Fighters Over London @ EGSX - 081715ZFEB19

  • Aircraft and Livery: F-16

  • Route: EGSX - EGKK

  • Time of Departure: 1715 Zulu (UTC)

  • Server: Casual

  • Additional Information: We’ll take off from EGSX, then fly in a V formation to EGLL, do a 360 over EGLL at 15,000 feet, and then fly at 3,000 feet and 275kts to EGKK. Copy my flight plan, but don’t use NAV, event should to around 35 minutes or less. We’ll be flying quite fast (400kts) for most of the flight, so be prepared for that😉
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One of the rare casual server events!


Are you able to join? I think it’ll be quite fun😉

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No, sorry, I’m very busy.
Really sorry…

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Count me in!

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I am spawning now

I’m at EGSX, @Latvia

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