Fighters N' Tankers @ KFFO - 102030ZDEC17

This flight is called Fighters N’ Tankers, Hosted by @Rowdy_Kepler We will take off from KFFO, and Free Fly all around that area, The Jets can do Maneuvers and Escorts, And the KC-10’s will be near the airport flying around and if you need fuel, Come near and the Boom will drop! Air Force One can be escorted by other Jets if wanted, And you can escort any other aircraft nearby! The Server will be Training Server, But if Casual gets under 100% full we will fly on Casual! Further questions ask below! Have Fun!

Server: Casual

Region: Nope

Airport: KFFO

Time: 11:30AM PST 12:30PM MST 1:30PM CDT 2:30PM EST

NOTAM: We will have 2 Tankers the KC-10 and KDC-10 Everyone else in Fighters (any fighter jets) Comment Below on what aircraft you’d like to take, We will start in about 1 hour from when this thread was made :)

KC-10- Conner
KDC-10 - @Rowdy_Kepler
C-130- @Planespotterdca
F-22 (Multiple) - @Paul_G
F-18 (Multiple) - Vacant
F-16 (Multiple) - @Devin_Pletcher
F-14 (Multiple) - Vacant
VC-25 (Air Force 1) - @Walkerw
Park at West Ramps
If you have further questions PM me :)

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25 Minutes till we start! Come Join us! Ask below for a Fighter!

Spawning now! Come Join us on Casual!

spawning in KFFO right now M8.

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Could we regroup @ KFFO?

Every is kinda on their own

Meetup @ KFFO right now
Cruise @ FL280
flying formation
Anyone down?

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