How can you shout rockets from your fighterjet?

You can’t :)

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O sorry, it was cool as its works

Works the nose door from the boeing 747-800?

And works the spaceshuttles engines?

I don’t think it does

I hope the new plane comes out in this week.

It probably won’t

Nobody knows when the update will come out

What is ils? I see it sometimes but don’t know what it means.

Instrument Landing System. Used to help you with your final approach to a runway.

Thx i love the events but i can’t join them becous i live in the netherlands an thear is it than 10 pm in the night ant it ends at 6 am in the moning and i wakenup at 8 pm in the morning can you do the events earlyer than normal.

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Shuttle glides into Edwards AFB.

Best, Boeing707

They said it’d be in two updates so don’t count on this week or this month.

Best. Boeing707

Sorry I don’t control the Infinite Flight’s Official Event times

Its the Instrumental Landing System, sort of like a localizer to help direct you to where you land

What event @Swang007

I mean what update

A major update usually comes out every few months. There are topics in this forum and on Facebook already that talk about what could be in the next update or what the rumors are, just search them.

You can’t it’s a “paint job” no real missiles and guns and nobody can “shout weapons”