Fighter speeds under ATC

What are fighter speed limits when under ATC control

  • below 10000 ft
  • between 10000 ft and 18000 ft
  • under centre control

I have heard that the limit is 300kts. However, this makes absolutely no sense, because unless someone actually told you this was the limit, you would guess the 350kts limit for other aircraft. The A350 climbs at 320.


> - Any airliner or fighter flying below FL400 is NOT to exceed 550 kts GS (Ground Speed)
> - Fighters can fly at any speed ABOVE FL400
Here’s some info from other topics. However with the introduction of centre this may not be up to date


That limit definitely no longer exists. How can you even stay under 550 kts in extreme winds lol

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The limit has not existed since Global.

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There is no 550 knots GS limit for airliners… atleast IRL

Good judgement and the US FAR says if your airframe can maintain under 250kts under 10,000 than you shall.

IRL US military aircraft are not to exceed 250kts under 10,000 unless on an MTR or otherwise authorized. The FAA and DoD have a Letter of Agreement about MTRs which are considered special use airspace.

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