Fighter Problems

Recently when flying in F-22 and F-16C it will start to wobble up and down uncontrollably then disengaging A/P then when I resorted A/P it would repeat again. Also more recently at an altitude between 20000 and 40000 around 1500kts it will shake around violently as soon as Power Saver was enabled so I would have to disengage the when it turned on again it would do the same and at first I was unsure what the cause was so I would disengage A/P and it would immediately send me into the craziest of uncontrollable spins eventually crashing me but going from 60000 to 10000 every second and just going blurry. Not sure about other fighters as I havent flown them recently. I use IPhone 5S with IOS 11.something basically the latest OS

Anybody else has this problem?

The A/P is always wobbly when you’re going too fast. Try slowing down.

no the plane nose just flies up and down

it isn’t A/P it is the energy saving mode that is causing the problem

If you’re using A/P you have to slow down. Also you mentioned that you loose control when you disconnect it. For that try calibrating your device before disconnecting A/P.

So you’re plane goes fine at 1500kts with A/P!!??
It sounds really fast…

Anyway about power saver, it just looks more laggy (lower FPS) so I think it probably wobbles anyway but it looks amplified by the fact it looks laggy. (It jumps up and down faster)

tried that already unfortunately

oh ok yep it is fine at 1500kts with A/P it is just when battery saver goes and and you are probably right that it is only the fps so thanks for that you can close this topic now

You probably noticed that if you just go on a straight line and keep accelerating (without A/P) there is a critical speed where it becomes crazy.
For that you can only slow down. Also try reduce sensitivity. It should help.

yep ok that does happen to me sometimes especially when I fly at yssy for some reason lol

thanks for the help

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@callum5124 have a look at this. It might help.

It’s more for airliners, but anyway have a read it also concerns a bit the fighters…

Okay…we need to have a discussion about causation versus correlation.

It is not the power saving mode. It is the speed. Go 1500 knots with power saving off using the AP…you will experience the same thing.


Ues thanks i understand just the lower fps of power saving makes it worse and more visable

Thanks for the help

This is normal. What you are experiencing is at low altitudes the air is much much thicker thus causing your airspeed and the wind to meet. I’d say if your flying at FL400 as @Captain_Zen said, depending on the tailwind, headwind, or crosswind, slow down… That’s what’s causing your aircraft to wobble… Not FPS. Consider flying at mach 1.5 - 1.7. Please note The F-22 Raptor is capable of supercruise at Mach 1.7

Mach 1.7 : 1133.46 kts

Mach 1.5 1000.11 kts

Cheers for that đź‘Ťđź‘Ť. Great help to know that maximum speed

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So it shouldnt wobble below that speed

Well, it will wobble but not up and down uncontrollably… It depends on the current winds

It is just i will put it on ap at 600kts and increasing and it will crazily wobble immediately in no wind

I don’t fly the fighters much, so I just did a flight from KADW to KBGR on the expert server in a F 22. I gradually increased speed until i got up to M1.7 at FL490 and didn’t experience any violent wobbling and was able to land without any issue as I gradually slowed down and descended.

I then went to solo and did the same thing, but this time I gave it 100% throttle and set a/p right at takeoff. As expected the climb was out of control and so was the wobbling up and down like you are describing.

I’m with Tim and Capt Zen on this one…try a gradual increase in speed/altitude and report back.

Yep will further test in the morning and report back