Fighter Pilots!

Do fighter pilots get thier own new helmet and mask fresh off the shelf when they are recruited?

I have always wondered how they have enough and keep them clean.

@speedbird203 may be able to answer your questions.

What does he know?

Read his bio! He seems to know this stuff :)

Ok yes he probobly knows.😂

Doesn’t this create a health issue?

Using the same mask and the same helmet and things like that.

So when you join you squadron you get a brand new helmet and get to customize it?

Very true. Now you were in the army for a while correct?

Ok nice. Now I am interested in either Navy or Airforce. What branch gets more flight time?

I’m going to try to fly with the navy.

I’m more leaning toward USAF.


We get the F-22! Also we aren’t gone from family for months unless we go over seas.

My grandpa, dad, and uncle all where in the navy. Also if I fly p-8s, it would be easier to get in an airline. It would be cool to fly the growler too but I don’t like waiting in line forever for food and being at sea for 6 months.

Thats my point in the Air Force I might get to go home every night!

Personally I’d prefer to fly the F-16. The newer jets rely a lot on computers, which take the pilot out of the equation, which I’m not a fan off
(*caught Airbus *cough) But that’s just my 2 cents

Actually the F-22 is only very computerized within the weapons system. Otherwise I don’t think it even has AP!

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