Fighter Pilots and Airline Pilots

What do you think is better?

  • Fighter Pilot
  • Airline Pilot

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What do you mean by “better”?

I guess personal opinion.

Yes this is your personal opinion.

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Airline pilots because I’m not interested in fighter planes one bit.


They’re completely different but I think being a fighter pilot would probably be the way more of a thrill.

I understand that. Personally I am already on a direct path to becoming a Naval Aviator.

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Cmon guys please leave your vote.

Which wver one wins gets a cool video made about it.

I’ll make a vid for both. Fighter jet one will be out tonight.

Ok that’s nice.

I would rather be an airline pilot.

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I rather be a fighter pilot to be a proud pilot serving my country and having fun while doing it.

Airline pilots are way better. Like I said in a PM, you see more airline pilots than fighter pilots

Yea but the fighters rule the place.

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That’s also because being an airline pilot is less demanding and not as dangerous. As being a fighter pilot.

Sometimes I’ll fly fighters, mostly I’ll just fly airliners. They’re more interesting to fly.

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I would go both way airline pilots take people from place to place. You get to see many places around the world. It’s also nice to be a fighter pilot because there is thrill to it. You also can serve whatever country your in. So I take both sides.


Yay Bulba! Always keeping people happy!