Fighter Ops Ad Hoc Event Thread


Purpose: On-going informal thread to coordinate fighter flights based on short notice availability

Scope: This thread is a means to search for available wingmen amongst the community. Ideally events will take place within a couple hours of wingmen request, but there is no limit. More complex events usually take more time to iron out the details.

Instructions: Simply create a reply with: (1) a wingman request, (2) an estimate of your flight time frame, and (3) a brief scenario statement. If you receive likes or replies, initiate a PM to discuss the scenario details.
(If you are brand new to the forum without the trust level, make it known so the other members can initiate the PM)

(Note: Coordinating flights and scenarios via PM will eliminate the need for scrolling thru this thread looking for details.)

##Scenario Examples##
(Not a comprehensive list)

2 A/C: Fighting pair combat patrol/intercept, 1 vs 1 ACM, air-to-air buddy refueling, flight test chase

3 A/C: Echelon formation combat patrol/intercept, 2 vs 1 ACM, air-to-air buddy/tanker refueling, flight test chase, VIP escort

4 A/C: Echelon formation/ finger four formation/ diamond formation combat patrol/intercept, air show flyover, 1 vs 3 ACM, 2 vs 2 ACM, air-to-air buddy/tanker refueling, VIP escort

Feel free to create scenarios, post as individual topic. Scenarios posted here will most likely get lost in the middle of the thread.


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Right idea @Rotate, Thanks for getting it going!

One quick clarification, my thinking behind this thread is quick response, small scale, flash events. No need to plan days in advance if you only need a few people to fly with. If people are on the forum when this thread goes to the top of the list, they might be bored and willing to take a flight right then.

I’ve noticed that coordinating schedules far out does not always work out. Life gets in the way :)


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Nov 15 I would have been open but it’s gone