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Hello IF community! I have one question! What is the most fuel efficient fighter jet. I know someone doing a long haul flight soon so I wanted to do a escort for a portion of the flight. Thanks!

I believe it is the F14 Tomcat.

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@Aceorbit I don’t think that’s in game?

This is best for finding fuel burn, length and efficiency. I don’t believe You might be able to perform an escort if it’s very long though.

It really can depend on how you are flying too, at full after burners you would be hard pressed to go more than half an hour in any of them, with a lower thrust you could go much further, the page linked by @Ignas04 is a great place to start…


Fighter jets optimally are only designed for quick target acquisition and interdiction therefore the ones in this sim anyway…can only get about an hour and a half of total cruise time at normal airliner velocity standards with a range of about 1.5 to 2K nm…so unless you have planned AAR stops along the way do not figure you will have enough fuel for more than a short to medium haul escort… and at full throttle at around Mach 2.0 do not expect much more than about 500 miles before you will need to refuel !!!

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@Ignas04 yes the F-14 Tomcat is available in IF.

And @RunCrossNinja_Gaming the most fuel efficient would be the F-18 and then the F-16, but like said above be expected to refuel during a long haul.

The F-16 may be efficiant but it is an interceptor, it only has about 30 mins to and hour 25 of fuel

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The F18 is glitched as far as I remember. It burns way more fuel than realistic.

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