Fighter jets speed limit

Hello, just a quick question on fighter jet speed limits in expert server? Thanks

Here’s all the info:

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Thanks for the help mate! Should answer my question :)

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No problem. In the end it’s mainly thinking on he others point of view. Think of a controller trying to keep a nice line with one person going twice the speed, in that case you’d adapt it for the controller even if he says nothing.

True that. Thanks mate

There aren’t violation enforced speed limits (other than on ground) for fighters like there is for civilian. Despite this just use your head. If you are in a busy airspace (controlled or not) don’t go Mach 1 a thousand feet off the ground, try to follow the 250kts<FL100. If you are in a dead airspace where the nearest airplane is hundreds of miles away (say maybe Alert Canada [CYLT]) then feel free to go as fast as you want.