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Hey everyone! I was planning on one day flying a F-22 or a F-16 on expert and I was just cautious on what the rules are, because they are very fast jets, and I would like to know the speed limits below 10k MSL and above 10k MSL because commercial planes can’t go faster than 250kts but I was thinking fighters are different. Thanks in advance everyone!


Fighters have no speed limit, except in controlled airspace, where they are expected to slot themselves in with the other traffic. There’s no specific speed limit, but you should not expect to fly 600 knots.


You won’t receive speed violations in a fighter, but that doesnt mean you can do whatever you want. Generally you shouldn’t go faster than 250-300 knots in busy airspace below 10,000ft. If you come hurtling into controlled airspace at 1000 knots on Expert then you can expect a ghosting.

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But can I fly like 1000kts above an airspace if i am going somewhere else? Like ex, I leave Boston to go to Washington and I fly over NY and its controlled, would they care?

Here’s what I follow personally:

Never exceed M1.0 unless over open water or open land (absolutely no airports in the vicinity whatsoever) and you’ll be fine.

This allows you to maintain speed, get better fuel burn, and allows you to actually slow down when approaching a controlled airspace.


Alright so I guess if I do Boston to Washington, I could go like 500kts over New York (if its controlled), they wouldn’t ghost me, and basically everything will be fine right?

Sorry I just don’t want to be reported haha

You wouldn’t be ghosted but I’m just saying 1000kts is totally unnecessary and you’re not going to be given the time you need to slow down from 1000kts to 250kts if it is controlled.

We offer a casual server for the type of flight you’re trying to do. Use that so there’s no Pikachu face when you’re ghosted.


Yeah I completely understand that it’s such small distance and there is no stopping in time but I was just asking if i won’t get ghosted Haha. Thanks for answering though! 😀

What prevents you from using the Casual Server for this? Genuinely curious.

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I do flights in casual with fighter, it’s just that I would like to know the rules on expert. Nothing much haha

Ah, I see. As a general rule, stay under M1 as a whole and 300KIAS under control and you’ll be good. Have fun!

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Thanks once again! Have a great day! 😁👋

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